3 Qs: Swapping students between classes /Australian calendar? / settings window

1 year 8 months ago #30669 by mattpassmore
Hi all,

I absolutely love this app- i am a terrible planner and it's been terrific for me; but i've got 3 pretty minor issues i'm trying to resolve/ workaround

First (and most importantly) I've got 2 classes (humanities) where I run similar assignments etc, but the enrolment in each one is based on their academic achievement in Maths, so occasionally someone swaps from one class to the other. Is it possible to copy that student into the equivalent class and also send their grade and attendance columns? 

Secondly: is there a way to set it up for the Australian school year, which runs from February to December? this isn't really an issue, but the i've had minor issues where i've had to temporarily set up the timetable into next June and I haven't really been able to make the week numbers count

Third: there may be a glitch with my app, but whenever I open the settings window, I can't easily close it again. 

Sorry for putting all 3 questions in 1 post, but didn't want to spam the feed.


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1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #30670 by bert
Hi there,
   Swapping students with their grades and attendance is not possible yet but it something I have in my to-dos. It's been there for quite a while though but hopefully I'll be able to work on this soon.
 I'm assuming both classes share the column's names but I'm not sure about attendance. Are they scheduled on the same days?
  Regarding you school year, iDoceo does not assume any particular academic year periods. Make sure that in your Menu > Calendar > Add Calendar, the from/to dates are correct.
  The week numbers do not depend on this setting though and you can reset the counter from Options > Week numbers.  If you are working with iDoceo's most recent version (8.2.2 at this time) you can add a hold period in this week counter, typically on holiday season(s)

   About those settings, I'd need a bit more info. If you have a chance send me a screenshot from the app with a tap on Help > Support&Suggestions so that I know the details of the versions you are working (iOS/Mac, iDoceo,etc).

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1 year 7 months ago #30680 by mattpassmore
Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly. Yes the classes are on the same day, so attendance wouldn't be affected too much (but i can see why it may be an issue if they're not). it sounds like l'll be able to sort the calendar issue for next year, so i'll just make sure to do that when getting organised.. I solved the settings pop-up issue (I didn't see the 'done' button and was looking for an X or trying the esc button- blame the adhd on that one  .

Again, thanks heaps- this really is such a simple yet effective app for me. Is there any chance that you'll create one for android and windows as well? I was talking it up to a colleague who uses windows but we couldn't find a version for it there.

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1 year 7 months ago #30681 by bert
It is unlikely. Both platforms suffer from endemic piracy since its beginning and I can't afford to waste my time like that.
I'm focussed on offering the best possible experience on the current platform, with many interesting features coming instead of spreading myself too thin.
If you miss anything else, do not hesitate to post.


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