"Synchronize data across your devices" not available on cloud links on iPad

2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #9062 by Mazurman
Hi so I downloaded the app for my macbook and I was able to enable the option to synchronize my data through cloud links. However I don't see it on cloud links on my iPad. Therefore it doesn't synchronize nothing from my iPad to my macbook.
I checked on my iPad through iCloud, and it i enabled. I just don't see the option in cloud links for activate "Synchronize data across your devices"

Also because I tried to do a workaround of just restoring a backup from my macbook that I worked on to the iPad version it doesn't load and basically deleted all my classes! I get a updating database pop up with the "For this settings to take effect Idoceo must be restarted now" and they both dissapear, but nothing happens. I tried to close the iDoceo app and reopen it but It still doesn't show my restore and all my classes are gone.

Edit: I fixed it by deleting the app on my iPad and I just reinstalled it now it works!
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2 years 2 months ago #9075 by bert
Hi Mazurman.
Just in case someone else reads this. These options are only available on iDoceo 7.
If you update your app on the app store with this link, you will then see the 'Synchronize data option'

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