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5 years 6 hours ago #7249 by Ambush66
Rubric problem was created by Ambush66
Hi Bert

I made a rubric for evaluating papers.
It has 7 columns and 14 rows (including headers)

When using the rubric, inputting marks for pupils, some of the text have disappeared .. mainly from the last four columns or so. Sometimes only the number of points is left and sometimes it is just an empty colored cell.

When replacing my text with just one word in each cell while editing the rubric seems to help.
For instance instead of typing the whole description I just put in words like splendid, good, ok, so so, bad and nothing there. When I then save the rubric and start evaluating pupils I can choose from every column using my text to evaluate the first row category and then the next and so on.

In short... text is disappearing making it almost impossible for me to use the rubric because when evaluating the pupil by clicking the relevant space in the rubric you can choose from the options with 5,4,3,2,1,0 points but the text are often not there completely... refreshing by pulling this menu down does not help but results only in getting the text replaced and getting in each others way.

Find it difficult to explain because of the technical terms... hope you can help me out. :(

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5 years 6 hours ago #7250 by bert
Replied by bert on topic Rubric problem
Make sure you are working with the most recent version 4.10
If you are already send us a couple o screenshots at

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