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Hello GHQ,

I created a favorite column with a custom editor i called hwk editor. When making the favorite column, I chose the date to appear on the subheading. I now prefer to remove the date for any new column that is being newly inserted. How can I enter the favorite column and make the change for any future insertion of columns.

Add column > Add favorite columns > Edit > Remove the 'today' checkbox and your next ones won't have any date.

How does one delete the whole template anyhow?

You may 'Add column > Add favorite columns > Edit' and delete the favorite columns yo no longer wish to use.
In the gradebook, long tap on a header > Delete a column or long tap on a tab > Delete or Tap on Tools (top bar) > Columns to delete columns in bulk

Is there a list of favorite columns in use somewhere that I can access in order that I can go and edit or delete the template?

Favorite columns are just preconfigured columns. Once you add them in the gradebook they behave like any other. Any further changes in the 'favorite columns' configuration won't have any effect on the gradebook.
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