MacOS not saving data

9 months 3 days ago #31143 by Adam
MacOS not saving data was created by Adam
Problem: Whenever I make an entry in the calendar or diary, the program doesn't save the work.  When I close the program or turn off the computer, the data entered is erased.  I don't see a 'save' button.  I have turned on backup and linked it to an OneDrive account to see if that would help, it didn't.  Am I missing something?  Is there a toggle somewhere to "turn on" automatic saving?  I had tried syncing in the past with my iPad, but my laptop seemed to override any of the work I had done on the iPad and deleted all of the work.  I have since turned off sync, reinstalled everything but still doesn't.  Does this program only work on iOS?

Running iDoceo 8.7.5 on macOS 14 (This problem existed prior to upgrading macOS as well) on a 2023 MacBook Air.
There is no synchronization with any other device.
I have reinstalled the app a number of times, with no effect.

Thanks for the help.

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