multiple schedules and reference timelines

4 years 9 months ago #7852 by Stewart
Hello. I love the schedule and the linked planner, it makes planning so much easier. I've selected my reference timelines to correspond to the bell times which helps with my time management. However, I'm wondering if it would be possible to have multiple schedules to toggle between (like you can with the seating plans on this app).

It would be really useful to be able to load/enter my head teacher's timetable/schedule so if I need to I can know exactly where to send a kid without first logging into the school system. Similarly, it would be useful to have a separate schedule for commitments outside of school hours (i.e. a work schedule and a personal schedule). I love how you can customize the period names and a planner dedicated to before school (mornings), afternoons, evenings and nights would also be useful.

I know I can add personal commitments and/or scheduled planning sessions onto the schedule as it. I also note that the software remembers how far I zoomed in, so I can put all the reference timelines in I like and I can then select the size I want and simply scroll up or down through the entire day. However, when I click on the schedule tab, it scrolls back up to the beginning of the day. Ideally, I want only the school day to be visible (9:00am - 3:28pm) when I open up scheduler but with the option to scroll up (before school) or down (after school) from there. As a workaround I've added everything I want to add in terms of commitments but selected to only have times between 9am & 3:28pm visible. Clearly, to see everything else that I've added to the calendar, I simply go to settings and add an early morning reference timeline and a late night reference timeline. ('events' excepted of course, as they are always visible which is very handy).

p.s. I've only recently downloaded the app but I am blown away by how detailed and intuitive it is. It is phenomenal how much though has gone into this app and the tutorials and the 'manual' are very useful. Congratulations on designing such an amazing app!

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4 years 9 months ago #7853 by bert
Thanks for the feedback Stewart,
That is something we’re considering but it is somewhat complex addition and we would like to keep the schedule’s configuration as simple as possible. Some users are having trouble with the intial configuration and we`re trying to streamline that process.
We still have it in mind though, if you miss anything else do not hesitate to post.


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