New Scottish timetable (odd days)

9 years 6 months ago #4539 by Sean
New Scottish timetable (odd days) was created by Sean
In most Scottish Secondary schools we have now moved to a 3 days 7 period lessons and 2 days 6 period lessons. My school has split these days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday are now 7 periods and Tuesday, Friday are 6 periods, the period timings are also different for the 2 days compared to the 3 days as an extra period is squeezed in to the day. This has proven very hard to set-up in IDOCEO, though I'm really hoping to use the software as I looooveeee it!

So my question is:
How do create a Timetable with different period/class timings for each day?

In schedule only 1 set of timings can be set-up resulting in breaks/lunches and periods all being at the same timings, however my Monday lunch starts 13.20 yet my Tuesday lunch starts at 13.05 for example and periods/lessons start and end at very different times as well

I have figured out that in the Calendar I can tweak the days in the cycle setting so that I can have my 3 days with different period/lesson times to the 2 days (I just set it up with 7 periods every day of the week, but I can tweak the times so they are set for the 3 days versus the 2 odd days.) However trying to get this to work in the Schedule function seems impossible as it Auto sets to 1 set of class/period timings for the whole week. Using 'compact mode' schedule I can set it to schedule 1 with the 3 days in their respective period timings, then go to a schedule 2 and create the odd 2 days with the other respective timings. However as soon as I jump to Full working mode my periods then end up overlapping lunch breaks and other classes in the Schedule for Full working mode. Going between the modes seems to also confuse the app and me.

Is it possible to set-up different times for different days?
I need to have 7 periods/lessons for Monday, and then only 6 periods for Tuesday with totally different timings/hours and minutes and so on.

Many thanks for advice guys/girls :)

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9 years 6 months ago #4540 by bert
Replied by bert on topic New Scottish timetable (odd days)
Hi Sean,
You can set up that configuration in both modes but you should either use compact or full-size!
Can't keep switching between them

Anyway, I'll explain a bit of both and you decide which one to work with. If you need the planner, which I guess you do, then full-size it is.

Compact mode
The timings on the left hand side are merely for reference, if you added colors to its, they will be applied to the whole week, however you can still add your own times in each time block.
Here a small image:

Here you'll be able to change those times

In a similar way, you can edit those times in each time block.
In this case the Period you assign to each block can be changed at will, iDoceo only suggests the period that should match a specific time frame, but you an change it later on.

Hope this helps!
If you need more details on the calendar part, in full-size let me know

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