Grade types: Numerical scores

What is a grade type and what is it for?

When using iDoceo's averages or calculating percentages you should assign a grade type -or at least a max score - to your columns
The grade type will allow iDoceo to mix columns with different types (numerical,text) and obtain a result taking into account all of its singularities.
Additionally, a grade type will let you configure roundings, assign values to icons or apply colours automatically to a cell based on its contents.

Default Numeric grade(generic)

When a new column is created , iDoceo asigns a default numeric grade type , the only configuration needed is the Total points available.
Tap on the Total points number, to change the value.

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!-- The grade type is assigned here:

  • Double tap on the header to alter a single column
  • or tap on the Tools/Spanner > Columns to modify several columns at once.


If you need roundings, icon values, automatic colours, assigning passing grade then you should need a Numeric grade type , not the default generic
Shown below how to convert a generic grade to a Numeric grad.

How to create your own grade types

From the grade book view, double tap on a header > Grade type > Edit > New grade type


Basic configuration of a numerical score

Maximum value: The best possible score. If converted into a percent, this value would mean 100%

Minimum value: This typically is 0 on all types.

Cut on Max and Min will limit (internally) the value taken into account on calculations.
In our example, if 'Cut on Max. value' was set, a score of 200 would in effect be considered as 150

You can add new columns directly into one Category Tap on the Three points and select Add column

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