Copy a class' structure, with or without students

If you'd like to duplicate a class' structure, or repeat the list of students from last year's class to the current one, here is what you should do:

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From the list of classes tap on the class' options > Copy

  • Copy students: Will create new class with the same students you had in your original class
  • Copy columns: Will create a new class, with no students, but the same tabs and columns you had in the original class 
  • Copy columns to another class: Will create the same tabs and columns in a preexisting class.
  • Copy students and columns: Will create a new class with the same students, tabs and columns but without data in the cells
  • Copy students, columns and data: An exact replica of your original class' data, students, columns and tabs
From the grade book view,you can tap on the Tools icon (top bar) and you'll be able to copy a selection of columns, students or tabs to another class.

To edit your new class' name, tap on options > edita

Copy a selection of columns

From a class > Tap on Tools (spanner top bar) > Columns > Select and Copy

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Copy a whole tab

Tap and hold on a tab > Copy and select the target class


If you'd like to share your configuration or data with other iDoceo users, you should consider using templates instead.
A template will keep the configuration and/or data of a specific class and you'll be able to send it or reuse it by simply
opening that file in iDoceo.

The details explained here: Sharing templates

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