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    The grade book in iDoceo will let you keep track of any data, grades, assessment or evidence regarding your day to day in class.
    Each cell is a multilayered container able to hold text,icons, grades, resources (image,video,photos,files) and annotations.

    You'll be able to add calculations, averages, additions, conditions, and you'll see its results in real time while you insert your data.

    All your information at hand with simple gestures:
    Double tap to edit a cell, student, header ...
    Tap&Hold for additional options on any element: cell,header,tab,student ...
    Keep all your student's personal data in one screen, add your own fields
    Attendance stats with total and partial results between dates. Configure your own icons.
    Configure your own grades, either with text, numbers, icons or a combination of them all
    Keep track of your students progress with photos, audio, video or any other kind of file
    Input your data in no time with especialized editors for each task. Grades, numbers, attendance, icons, colors ...
    Organize your data visually with tabs in your grade book. Represent some columns in different tabs at once.

    Instructions and How-tos

    • Inserting data,grades and assessment (9)
    • Students (10)
    • Calculations (24)

      These are all the HowTos related to calculations.  This list is updated quite often, but if you don't find what you're looking for, drop us a line at the forum.


    • Attendance (2)
      Attendance features
    • Creating reports and exporting data (8)
    • e-mail (2)
      With iDoceo you'll be able to send e-mails to students and their parents with simple notices or information regarding their grades, assessment details, resources.
      E-mails are personalized effortlessly for each student and it can contain any of the data you've inserted in your grade book.

      For details on all the available reports click here
      Configurable student report with a summary of grades, attendance and personal details.
      Send personalized e-mails or messages in bulk.
      Print directly from your iPad with Air Print enabled printers
      Include your grade book resources as  attachments and URLs embedded in the PDF report
  • Planning your classes (2)

    A diary per class will help you in keepin track of your progress and a week/day planner for an overview of all your classes.

    Integrate iCal and Google Calendars in your diary.
    Add&Edit your events.
    Keep all your class' annotations, files and other resources in a diary per class.
    Configure multi-week schedules, rotating cycles and holidays with the calendar in full-size mode.
    Different views of your diary: day, week and month + two additional views of your planner: day and week.

    Instructions and How-tos

    • Diary (1)
    • Schedule (2)
    • Calendar (full-size) (5)
      The calendar is only available in full-size mode and it is the underlying link between the schedule, planner and the different class diaries in iDoceo.
      In the calendar you can add your holidays and define the classes you have scheduled for each day of your school term.
      The different tools in the calendar will let you easily replicate a single week, or a cycle for your whole school term or keep track of schedule changes in each semester.

      The schedule will take into account the configured days in your calendar, and will show them in a week. The essential parameter in this view is Times. From this view, you can make changes to the underlying calendar with a tap&hold on a specific time block.

      The planner  will take into account the configured days in your calendar, and will show them in a week or day. The essential parameter in this view is Period. From this view, you can make changes to the underlying calendar with a tap&hold on a specific period.

      The class diaries will take into account the configured days in your calendar to show which classes are scheduled for a specific day.

    • Planner (full-size) (2)
  • Seating plan (4)

    The seating plan offers a new perspective to your grade book. 

    Up to 5 seating plans per class, configure its background and description.

    Take attendance easily and fast. 
    Add columns and edit your data as if you were in the grade book view.
    Different views of your plan: only photo, photo+name or badge mode (up to 5 fields from your grade book shown on screen).
    Pick students randomly.

    Instructions and How-tos

  • Resources (4)
    A resource in iDoceo can either be a file (PDF document, Pages, Numbers, XLS, etc) , an image , a video, an URL (internet link) or an audio recording.
    We refer to them as resources because the kind of resource makes no difference in iDoceo.

    Whatever the resource you'll be able to:

    • Attach a resource to cell (tap&hold on a cell, Annotations)
    • Attach a resource to a column header (tap&hold on a header, Annotations)
    • Link a resource to a student (Double tap on student, Resources)
    • Attach a resource to a class  (Tap on Tools / Resources)
    • Attach a resource to a bulletin board (Tap on bulletin board)
    • Attach a resource to a day in your diary (Tap on attachment button)
    Preview any kind of resource in the gallery, connect it directly to a projector with Air Play or with a cable converter

    Direct integration with your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.
    Store files from any other app with the 'Open In' feature

    Transfer files from any PC/Mac in your network via WiFi
    Attach your resources to any element in iDoceo: a class, a student, a cell, a column, a date in the diary or a bulletin board.

    Instructions and How-tos

  • System (3)
    The recycle bin will keep everything you've deleted in the grade book: classes, students, columns and tabs.
    To restore it at any time.
    Four backup alternatives to choose at your convenience:  Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or WebDAV 
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