Screen lock/Password protection

To enable the screen lock: iDoceo's main screen > Gear icon (top bar) Security

Enable it and then type a numeric PIN with 4 to 8 digits
You can define the minimum time required for the screen lock to appear.

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Upon iDoceo's startup or if coming back from a different app in your iPad, it will show this unlock screen. Type your PIN and then OK to unlock it
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When programming a lock PIN, if the device has some type of biometric access, this type of access is automatically activated as an alternative entry way to iDoceo.
You have to keep the pin in a safe place, because if you lose it you will not be able to recover it or configure a new one
iDoceo is an offline application and therefore does not offer a password reset function.
For additional security we recommend to enable the iPad's own system lock. Tap on iPad settings > General > Auto-Lock