What is a Quick backup

How to do a quick backup

Tap on the cloud icon on the menu bar > Quick backup
This option is only available if the 'automatic backups' in iDoceo are disabled.
Since iDoceo can contain hundreds of files and resources (images,videos,PDFs,etc) a conventional backup may take a long time to upload and its size may vary from a few MBs to hundreds.
As a more flexible backup alternative, iDoceo introduced since its version 3.1 a faster backup method called 'Quick backup'. This backup only contains your data and its size will be a small fraction of the larger conventional backup.

What information is stored in a quick backup

Everything except your resources (ie. PDFs,images, videos and sound files)
It will store all the data in your gradebooks, grade types, calendars, lesson plans (without files), students,their photos and seating plans.

How do I know one backup from the other

When restoring a backup, the quick backup will have the '(Quick)' text next to it.
Below an image of the list of backups

How would I restore these kind of backups if I had a problem

If you'd like to restore your resource files as well, you should first restore the most recent conventional backup and then after that,restore the most recent Quick backup on top.
If you only need to restore your data and the resources are already there, simply tap on the most recent quick backup.