Using Tags in your Gradebook

You can now use the tag option in a column, category, calculation column or rubric, to create or affect your grade calculations in the gradebook. 

You can either add an existing tag by tapping on it, there are some by default already, or you can add a new tag by tapping on "add tag" and writing its name. 

Lastly, you can select the Ungraded tag, which acts differently to the others. It will effectively remove the column that has it from any calculations.

How to add a Tag

You can add a tag in the configuration tab of any column/category/rubric.

When selecting one, a check will appear in the circle next to its name, tap done when ready and the tag will be visible from the configuration tab on the tag option and in the gradebook on the header.

In the case of rubrics and folders, the tag will only be visible in the gradebook if they are closed.
You can add more than one tag to a column/rubric/category, just by selecting them with a tap in the tag option. They will all work correctly
If you want to remove a tag, just make sure to deselect it from the Tag options and then tap on Done, to save the changes.

If you would like to erase a Tag, then do a long tap on the Tag you want to eliminate in the Tag options > Erase > Done.

How to create a Tag

If you add your own tag, just tap on Add tag. This will allow you to write the text that will become a new tag.

After you do this, that tag is already created and available in any class in iDoceo. If you want to add it, to a column for example, just do the same as with the default tags.

The Ungraded tag

When you add this tag, the column/category/rubric that has it will not be taken into account for any calculations you have in your gradebook.

For example, you have a final grade calculation column that takes into account all your gradebook columns. However, you also do a separete calculations for specific groups columns, like the highest value between all your homework columns.

You do not want the final calculation column to take into account this homework columns calculation, as it is already taking into account the homework columns themselves. For this case, you add the ungraded tag to the Homeworks columns calculation and with that, it will be excluded from the final calculation.

Tag calculations

Tag calculation is a new type of calculation that works exclusively with tags. Go to Add column > Add calculation > Tag calculation.

There you can select the tag you wish to work with in this column and select the calculation type. You can do an Average, a Total Points grading, the Highest value and the Lowest value

It will take into account all the columns with the selected tag in this tab. The only exception would be columns that also have the ungraded tag.

Tags in formulas

You can also use tags in your formulas. You need to add the tag and the FOLDER function as well.

It will act as a folder, taking into account all the columns with that tag. You can use several in a formula.
In the example above, we are using the COUNTBLANK function to know how many empty cells each student has between all the columns with the Exercises Tag.