Formula Functions: Averages

Functions: Flexaverage and Average, Maxaverage, Dropaverage

The mean functions calculate the arithmetic mean of a selection - unlimited - of columns.
Each function has its own peculiarity, but in most cases, FLEXAVERAGE is the one to be used.


Arithmetic mean of all columns included. Skip empty cells

FLEXAVERAGE (column, column, column, column ...)
You must insert any value (p.e. 0) in one empty cell if you want it to be included in the calculation.


Kept for legacy reasons, actually does exactly the same es Flexaverage.


It takes the N maximum values of a selection of columns and calculates their arithmetic mean.
Skip empty cells

MAXAVERAGE (Number of maximum columns to take into account, column, column, column ...)


Discard the minimum N values of a selection of columns and calculate their arithmetic mean. Skip empty cells

DROPAVERAGE (Number of minimum columns to drop, column, column, column ...)


These are our sample data. In each cell the values that are taken into account with each function are shown.

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