How to share student's data between classes

If you want the data of a student to be shared between the different classes to which the student is assigned, you must activate this option:
Menu -> Settings -> Gradebook (Options) -> Link student personal details across classes

idoceo gradebook
By default this option is activated meaning if iDoceo detects the same student in different classes, it will update the student's personal data in all of them at once.

The link between different classes only works when the student's name matches , if the name does not match, it is done with the email and if neither of the two matches, it is linked through the ID.
If any of these mentioned fields match, the data will be shared.


How to know in which classes a student's personal data is being shared?
Double tap on the name of the student in a class, select Summary and all the classes related to the student will appear at the bottom.
In the bottom's list of classes, will appear classes located in the same list level or in the same folder.

idoceo gradebook