Integration of iDoceo with Moodle

In order to start working with Moodle in iDoceo you need to link your Moodle account.

You can do it from Settings > Cloud Links > Moodle  > Select one of the 3 posible accounts and continue.
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Adding or linking your Moodle Classes to iDoceo

To add your classes from Moodle to iDoceo go to your list of classes > Blue plus button > Import from > Import from Moodle

When you select a class, it will import itself, with all the students in it, as a new class in iDoceo. It will already be linked to Moodle, so you can start working right away.
In case you would like to link an existing class in iDoceo to a class in Moodle , go to the three dots > Edit > Links > Activate Moodle > Select the class in Moodle you would like to link with.

Other ways of doing the same is from inside the class in the Gradebook view:
Tools > Class > Links > Moodle
Options (the three dots on top of add students and Group mode) > Link to Moodle

Reading columns - Adding assignments and grades

Tap on the Plus button (Add column) > Moodle > Select the assignment you want to add. The Moodle option is only available if the class is linked to Moodle.

It will download the assignment as a new column and if there are grades already introduced in Moodle, those will be downloaded as well.

The grade type for this column would be the same one as the one in Moodle. If the assignment is over 100 points in Moodle, then in the iDoceo column it would be a Numeric grade over 100 points.
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If you have changed these grades on Moodle, and you would like to download them again to update the results on iDoceo: Tap on the Header > Select Moodle icon > Read from Moodle.
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Sending columns - Creating assignments from iDoceo or updating the grades from iDoceo to Moodle

You can create a new assignment in Moodle from an existing column in iDoceo. For that go to Export > Moodle > Select the column

The new assignment will have the name of the column and the grades introduced there for each student.

You can work in iDoceo with any grade type: Numeric, Text, Conversion Grade or icons. iDoceo will automatically do the required conversion to numeric grade when transfering data - in both directions- with Moodle.
If you want to send the grades from an iDoceo column that is already linked to a Moodle assignment. Just Tap on the Header > Tap on the Moodle icon >  Send to Moodle.

These will either replace the grades you have on Moodle with the grades you introduced on iDoceo for this assigment per student, or add the grades in case there were no grades in Moodle before.
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Lastly, it is possible to link an existing column in iDoceo, not linked with any assignment in Moodle, with an existing assignment in Moodle, not linked with any column in iDoceo.

For this case just Tap on the Header > More > Moodle > Link with Assignment > Select the assignment in Moodle you wish to link with this column.
Link with assignment
Once you link a column with an assignment, there is no need to do it again, just use the write and read options according to your needs. If by any chance you wish to link this column to a different assignment in Moodle, then select the option unlink assignment. After that, follow the normal steps to link an existing column with an existig assignment.