Apple Pencil scribble

Usage of Apple Pencil in iDoceo

Apple pencil can be used in iDoceo iPad and iPhone, though in the iPhone it can be inconvenient due to the device size.

You can always use it in the following areas of iDoceo:
Resource type: Drawing note
Lápiz de Apple en iDoceo
Lápiz de Apple en anotaciones iDoceo
In the Seating Plan
Lápiz de Apple en el plano de clase iDoceo
In the Bulletin Board
Lápiz de Apple en iDoceo
Adding handwritten notes to resources like images or PDFs
Lápiz de Apple en recursos iDoceo
If you activate the option "Scribble" in your device settings, you can use the pencil in the following ways:
Introduce grades or icons in the gradebook cells.
Write with the Apple Pencil in the areas of iDoceo that allow writing like the Planner, diary, annotations, etc.
Nonetheless, anything that you write in these areas with the Apple Pencil will be automatically converted from handwritten to text. 

In what language your handwritten text will be interpreted and auto-corrected depends on the language you have in your keyboard. You can see how to set a language in your keyboard in this article.

Where to activate the "Scribble" function

The options can be found in your device settings, iPad or iPhone, in the Apple Pencil section. Once you activate it, you will have access to all the implemented functions of Apple Pencil in iDoceo.
The convertion to text uses the keyboard language you have defined in your device. That is why you must make sure that your keyboard language is the same as the language in which you want to write.

Scribble options in iDoceo

You may experience issues with your handwritten text being correctly identified. Like writing a 9, but it is interpreted to be a q, or you add the + sign and it is changed to a t.

Or you may want to use an acronym or a symbol that when drawed, it should become a specific value. For example, you draw GF and with that you want iDoceo to interpret it as the green flag icon.

For these cases, it is possible to use the scribble option location inside iDoceo, in Menu > Settings > Scribble. Here you can create any rules you want, so that iDoceo can correctly transform what you write with the apple pencil to the text in the cell.
In the Scribble transcription section you must introduce the symbol you are going to draw, for example in the image it is this symbol :)

Then in the translation part you must write the result you want. If it is a character, text or number, it is in the first box, and if it is an icon, it should be selected in the second box.

If you want that upon drawing this symbol, it should erase the contents of the cell to leave it empty, then you must select erase in the thrid box.

Finally, having the partial match option active allows iDoceo to do the conversion but also accept more characters and even other conversions in the same cell. For example, if you write 1t and you want it to be a 1+, you put that t is equal to + and activate partial conversion, so that even if you put the 1 first, it still turns the t into a +.
These options are only for the usage of the Apple Pencil in the Gradebook, especifically for the introduction of characters or icons to the cells. These rules are not applied anywhere else in iDoceo.