iDoceo Connect overview

What is iDoceo Connect

iDoceo Connect is an online platform that will let you - the teacher - post exams and rubrics for your students to fill.

How can students access it

From any web browser, on a laptop, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device open this address

Students can log in with two methods:

  • a Room PIN and an alias (the recommended method)
  • a Microsoft or Google account
    For this option to be available you have to enable the Microsoft/Google login option before creating the task in iDoceo
    All login data is pseudonmyzed, no actual e-mail addresses are stored anywhere, no usage data is collected - anonymous or otherwise - and the platform does not send e-mails, ever

Both methods will let students submit tasks, rubrics and tests but the Microsoft/Google login option will allow students to keep track of all their submissions while the Room PIN is a one time only disposable code.

How to post an exam or a rubric in iDoceo Connect

From the gradebook view in iDoceo, open a class > Add column > iDoceo Connect > Select the task and Create task

How to collect your students' work

A downward swipe gesture will download all works from iDoceo Connect
You can also tap on the column header > quick action button and 'Load submitted tasks'

Reviewing the task you've just created, modifying options and Room PIN

Tap on the task header and then the iDoceo Connect quick button to review your task
You can change its settings at will and Resend the task

How to Start with iDoceo Connect

Find next steps -> Here

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