Adding annotations to a cell

In addition to the usual text, icons and colors you can add extensive annotations to a cell. Annotations may include any kind of resource: files,image,audio,video,handwritten notes, URLs, etc.

Annotations can be added to column headers as well.

Tap&hold on any cell or header and select the Annotation icon (text bubble) menu option, a new screen will be presented allowing you to type your annotation.

All cells that have an annotation are marked with a small black triangle on the top right corner. If that cell has additional resources such as images or audio, the triangle will be slightly bigger.

They will look like this

To remove an annotation, simply delete its text and resources and tap on Done.


Reviewing annotations

With a single tap you'll be able to review the annotations in any cell/header. If you tap on the small bubble, the original annotation window will appear


Annotations on a single student

Double tap on a student, and select annotations

iDoceo will keep track of your selection, it only has to be done once. Either select Student notes (the default option), Annotations from current tab or all Annotations from all tabs  

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