6.0.18 is now available in the App Store!

4 years 3 months ago #8658 by bert
This is a maintenance update with some interesting additions. Please update when you have a chance from this link below

Our previous version's features are explained here

Improvements in iDoceo Connect
You can now add subscripts and superscripts to iDoceo Connect's questions and answers

You can now import Kahoot and Quizizz files in your gradebook (Add column > Import CSV/XLS)
You can create iDoceo Connect assessments based on Kahoot files
Improved management of Socrative,Quizizz, EdPuzzle and Plickers files
Improved gradebook XLS export showing total points configured in column (Include max score option in XLS Settings)

We've improved the 'Review submitted tasks' option in iDoceo Connect to see browser, os version and how many times the browser screen has been resized