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TOPIC: Suggestions

Suggestions 7 years 9 months ago #2414

  • Danne
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I am fairly new to using idoceo, I just finished setting up my classes, schedule, and investigating the app. Maybe you are able to do these things and I am missing it, but here are some things that would make the app more functional for my needs:
1) the ability to create general comments in advance and save them for specific assignments/observations. For instance, when students are presenting, I would like to have a bank of comments ready so that I can quickly attach it to their name, rather than write/type while they present. Or when I walk around to make anecdotal observations, I can quickly select the appropriate comment and attach it to their name. It would be especially nice if you could have these banks available over different school years. More specifically, if I were to use the same assignment next year I could go back to my bank of comments on that particular assignment.
2) a place attached to each student to record notes about parent communication, as well as a space to write behavioural notes.
3) a way to create a class seating structure, for example, 6 groups of 4, and label the seating arrangement with text. My kids sit in groups that are named, it would be helpful to be able to see those in the seating plan.

The first suggestion is one that I feel strongly would make assessment and observation much easier in the classroom. I have downloaded and used many different education apps and this is the one quality I still find myself looking for.
Thank you :)
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Suggestions 7 years 9 months ago #2415

  • bert
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Welcome to iDoceo Danne,
About 1-(create comments) , I think it's a great idea, noted for the following update (after the upcoming 2.5). This was in fact the original point of including icons, trying to avoid typing.
We're preparing a huge update with about a hundred new icons and you'll be able to add a small description to its, similar to what you're suggesting.
Anyway , having your own list of comments will be really useful ,specially when printing reports, or communicating your observations to parents/office. Count on it.

About 2- behavioural notes & parent communication . You'll be able to (sort of) track this info in iDoceo 2.5 . In each student's personal data ,all annotations (and resources) will be shown at the same time. Let me know how this works for you after the update.

About 3- Seating plan. Huge improvements are coming here too, the background image will be changed at will so you could draw the background with your own labels, and then arrange the seating structure accordingly.

In about 15 days the update will be available in the app store!

Thanks for contacting us.
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Here is the link
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Suggestions 7 years 9 months ago #2446

  • Lou
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I am loving the app, but have one request.
I teach at a school where we have lessons on Saturdays. Would it be possible to have the option of adding Saturday to the timetable?
Many thanks,
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Suggestions 7 years 9 months ago #2449

  • bert
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Welcome Lou,
You can have saturday already!
Go to (System)Settings and look for iDoceo in the apps list. You'll find the diary options
there and you'll be able to enable saturdays.
In this link , you'll find a detailed explanation about the rest of settings
In our next update you'll have this setting inside the app , in a more convenient place.

Please take a moment to add or update your rating for iDoceo 7 teacher gradebook so that we can continue working on it. Thanks!
Here is the link
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Suggestions 7 years 9 months ago #2501

  • Kosik
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Hi Guys,

The iDoceo App is the best. I use it at work every day and I’m very satisfied,
however I have some remarks about it for Your consideration.

Class table
Why „Show hidden classes” switch shows/hides the year annotation of the class? There should be another switch for that.

It would be nice to have a possibility do define two classes at the same day and time (with e.g. 2 weeks period) to be shown besides each other - at the moment second covers the first defined... And here is a small bug, when selecting a class for editing, by default selected is the one in the background.

It would be very powerful to have a possibility of exporting the schedule!

How can I select my default e-mail from which the massages are being sent? I have more than one email and I need to pick the proper one (many times) while sending a column to students. (My default mail is different than the one I use for iDoceo). You should consider proper option for such possibility.
Adding the student’s name at the beginning of the mail should also be an option.
The possibility of defining a template of an email could be a nice feature too.

You should add a possibility to send single cell or a row of a table to single student.

Editing the tab’s name in class... when keyboard covers the tab (4 and more tabs), the PopView sometimes flows outside the screen. It only happens when the ScrollView with the tabs is at 0 position. Probably the algorithm which calculates the PopView’s position basis on the scroll position... You should remember about ZERO ;)

Using generic grade selector - the second section of the grade PickerView is empty. I wander what will happen when one touches the empty section of a PickerView? ;) sharc!

About the “expert rapport export”.
It would be nice to have 2 extra switches (enable/disable all , enable/disable all empty sections) in the Raport Configuration view. It’s hard do remember (having 40 cols) which one have icons, text and annotation. I can export everything but it looks spooky with so many empty columns, and the standard report doesn’t derive graphics to the document ;/

Defining calculations in a column
I believe it would be better if the user could choose if the text, valued graphics or both should be used for calculation. By default both values are used, so I need to define different columns for grades and pluses/minuses (and attendance) for the same day to have proper calculation of attendance and grade columns of lesson work/homework.
The possibility to add a column with attendance summary (e.g. 16/20 or 80%), could be very nice not only for an overall knowledge but for the report also. I can reach this information by editing the student only! In the “student editing view” the percentage value of attendance is shown incorrectly if the property of column with attendance isn’t set to attendance one (When I add a comment/text to attendance column’s cells I have to remember to change the cell type back to attendance). The simplest way for that is to reserve graphics for attendance only.

Grade types:
Is there a possibility to define grades like 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5 (no 2.5) and choose from those only? It is hard to chose from: ..., 3.10, 3.20,3.30,...!

Locking forward for Mac OS version!

Best regards,
Mateusz Kosikowski
Teacher, PhD Student, Objective-C Developer

P.S. My wife is an English language teacher and uses that software at work.
If You want to, she can translate it to Polish. Just send me the list of expressions used in the app.
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