Gradebook Question :)

8 years 1 month ago #5696 by petitpasr
Gradebook Question :) was created by petitpasr
I have recently started exploring iDoceo 4 and so far am very happy. Quick question as I am still a beginnger...

I teach in Ontario, Canada and we have 1 grade for each of the 4 competencies for each summative assessment. I see that I can input the overall grade, but is there a way to input all 4 grades, or would I have to put a colum for each. I like tto keep track of the individual results as they help me tailor reports. One option is to add these in a note, but I would need to see the results.

(Example, on a Essay, a student might get
Knowledge/Understanding: 4
Thinking/Inquiry: 3+
Communication: 3+
Application: 4-
Overall grade for the assessment: 4-

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