Moving the editor box.

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Moving the editor box. was created by Babypug1981
Please help!

When I'm editing the students columns the editing box that appears is blocking the previous column. Is there a way of moving it to the right so that it doesn't cover up the column on the left-hand side?

Also, is there a way of locking the keyboard so that it stays on the number screen or caps rather than having to change it with every student?

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Hi there,
The position of the text editor is decided automatically.I'm afraid there isn't a setting to change that behaviour.
If the editing box is covering your left-hand side column, try scrolling the gradebook to the left so that there is more space available on your right-hand side. This will force the editing box to appear on the opposite side of the grade book.

Additionally, if you're entering only numbers, you should consider using the Numeric Keypad instead as its editor: Double tap on column header > Editor > Numeric keypad.
Here's the full list of editors

Hope this helps!
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I've added some columns so that forced it to move over!

And I've found how to change the editor thanks to your guidance!

It's easy when you know how
:) :)