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I am currently experimenting to see if this can replace my teacher planner. One major issue I am having at the moment however is getting a 2 week schedule. As it stands I have a different timetable on a Week A to a Week B and they alternate. Is there any way of putting this in?

Also 2 quick requests:

1) A quick student summary by tapping the name
2) A way to shrink columns quickly so I can get a very swift overview of all the grades (I tend to enter around 20 a year)
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Hi there,
Our next update will have a 2 week schedule, you can't do it with the current release, but count on it for the next one , we're working nonstop for it, and it will be available by mid-august.

About your requests:

a) Yes, we're working on a summary already , at the moment it is oriented to check the attendance, but as it is still a work in progress we might add a complete summary before releasing.

b) You can actually shrink the columns as much as you need to, changing its Width and then use 'copy style' / 'paste style'. Also, when adding new columns it inherits the last column's width,so there is no need to do that afterwards.

I know you're referring to some toggle (shrink/unshrink) button , but maybe having those columns with the right size from the beginning might help.

Thanks for contacting us, just drop us a line if more requests come to mind and we'll see what we can do about its.

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