Force sync between Mac and iPad?

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Force sync between Mac and iPad? was created by pauhana658
I've figured out how to edit MS Word docs within idoceo on the MacBook Pro, but pdfs are a bit more problematic, so I've taken to editing pdfs within idoceo on my iPad Pro. That means I often have idoceo open on both devices and bounce between them depending on the type of document the student has submitted.

However, syncing between the two devices doesn't seem to be automatic whenever a change is made on one device or the other. Or it takes a bit of time.

This might be the cause of another syncing problem. Sometimes, after entering grades for an assignment, if I then use the other device to load files uploaded by students for the next assignment and syncing hasn't occurred, then all of the entered grades get wiped. The marked-up files remain, but I have to open each and re-enter a grade for it.

Is there some way to force a sync? Or "Save" on one device before moving to the other device?

Here is an example of the lag in syncing. The first is from idoceo on my MacBook Pro, the second from my iPad Pro. Note in the second column that the MBP syncing is slow.
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