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Is there a way that I can add a student photo by a copy and paste workout using an iPad camera or having the photo in the iPad camera roll.

Our school system has the photos already and I can print a photo roll for each class as a pdf and email them to my iPad. I just can't figure out how to copy from the pdf into the student file on idoceo
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To add student photos from the camera roll, a file or the camera double tap on any student in the gradebook > Add photo.
A PDF copy/paste won't work. There are some iOS limitations on that.
You should use the face detection feature instead. It will automatically detect all faces in a PDF and you will be able to drag and drop them to each student.
The details are explained here
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Thanks Bert. I think the bulk import from face detection might be my only option. Will try this on Monday when I get back to school. Thanks!