item1 Write about moving home;0f;;0;0;0 item10 About a good day that you've had recently;0f;;0;0;0 item11 What are you afraid of?;0f;;0;0;0 item12 Write about the oldest person you know;0f;;0;0;0 item2 If I were invisible, I would...;0f;;0;0;0 item3 Write about your feet;0f;;0;0;0 item4 About a time when you were really brave;0f;;0;0;0 item5 Write about a grandparent;0f;;0;0;0 item6 When were you most frightened?;0f;;0;0;0 item7 About something you got for free;0f;;0;0;0 item8 About something that irritates you;0f;;0;0;0 item9 What is your earliest memory?;0f;;0;0;0 listdescription Random story subject randomitems 1 removeslicescount 0