The report generator

The report generator will allow you to:

  • filter which students will appear in the report
  • select which columns will appear in the report
  • change the order of the columns (keeping the grade book intact)
  • keep the last report configuration for each page. You will be able to easily repeat or modify your last report.
  • decide minor changes in format ,such as line colors ,column width and a report title
For additional options like including icons or annotations you should use the Report (expert) instead. It is explained here
Open the report Generator

Select the columns and change its order

  • Tap on the check box to enable/disable a column
  • Drag&drop the columns to change its position in the report

Automatic Column Width: If enabled it will set a fixed column width to all columns. If you want to take each column's width into account, disable this option.

Alternate colors: If enabled it will alternate the background of each row between white and gray. If you need plain white rows on all rows disable this option

Create additional pages If enabled, new pages will be appended to the report as needed. If disabled, the whole report will fit in a single -probably enormous- page

The final report will look like this

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