iDoceo 6 is now available!

We are updating the web with all the new features of iDoceo 6.
This is a manual update, please tap on this link if you wish to update on the App Store


The All-in-One solution for teachers

Supports all iPad devices. Requires iOS9.3 or superior



Works with icons, text, numbers, time, rubrics.
Add simple averages or complex formulas

Create reports, export to PDF,XLS, CSV or sync with Google Classroom and iDoceo Connect

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Planner & diary

All your lesson plans in one place.

Add resources of any kind, take pictures, record videos, audio, handwritten notes and more

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Seating plans

Take attendance, create groups or manage assessments
Up to 10 seating plans per class, with custom backgrounds, multiple badge modes. Unlimited possibilites

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What's new in iDoceo 2.5

These are the main features of iDoceo 2.5 but there is a more recent version of iDoceo available already!

Gradebook improvements

- Add icons to students and headers
- More than 100 new icons to choose from
- Enable/Disable and add a descriptive text to icons
- Summary column feature : the same column will be available in different tabs at once
- Despite of the selected editor for any given column, Text/Icons is always available on tap&hold
- Header height can now be changed
- Headers are drawn vertically if height larger than width
- New column manager: Move/Copy/Edit/Erase/Send by e-mail several columns at once (under tools icon)
- New student manager: Move/Copy/Erase/Sort/Send by e-mail to several students at once (under tools icon)
- New resource manager: View all resources related to a class / Add class resources / e-mail / erase / show in gallery (under tools icon)
- Configurable new column settings
- Add an average line below selected columns (enable it in each column's grade type configuration)
- Assign colors automatically to numeric grades (from grade configuration)
- New editor: Numeric keypad
- Improved editor: Color picker, new palette and last selected colors
- New quick editor: Quick counter
- New custom quick editors (3) : Choose your icons and assign them in a quick editor
- New editor: YES/NO (nothing fancy here, but may be useful)
- Almost all editors have access to annotations and icons with a single tap
- Show students birthday if today


- (any kind of)Files can now be stored in a class,header,student,cell or in the diary
- Will be sent by e-mail if required
- Video can now be recorded too
- Add URLs
- All student resources are available from each student personal data screen
- New dropbox navigator (allows to navigate below Apps/iDoceo level)


- Annotations accept now Video,Audio,Photos,URLs and any kind of file from Dropbox (stored inside Apps/iDoceo or in folders below)
- Files can be locally stored or kept as an URL link to save space
- The small annotation preview at the bottom adapts its size to its text and will show its resources
- All annotations (and its resources) for a student are available from each student personal data screen (Annotations tab then annotations icon)


- Gallery is now able to preview Videos and Word,Excel,Powerpoint,PDF,Pages,Keynote,images and many other file formats (in full screen mode if required)
- Once you close the gallery, you'll return to your original position

Student Personal Data screen

- Show/Hide any system parameter
- Add resources
- View all annotations and its related resources
- Show a student's age


- PDF Report (Expert and non-Expert) will add new pages automatically
- Faster PDF report configuration
- CSV report can include annotations and personal data
- Improved XLS report (now compatible with Numbers)


- Configurable attendance icons , with an additional concept and a second optional icon
- Configurable default grade for attendance columns

Seating plan

- Store up to 5 seating plans per class
- Add new columns and edit grade book data directly
- Photo frame color can now be changed for any student (OFSTED)
- Three different views: Photo only / Photo +name / Student sheet , able to display up to 5 gradebook fields (OFSTED)
- New roulette picker mode (disabled by default, enable it from the gear icon)
- Randomize plan and group by 1 , 2 or 3
- Change each plan's background with system images or your own (scaled and non-scaled)

Chalkboard screen

- Change your classes order
- Student search and filter


- Show now function
- Improved edition
- Choose the time slots to appear on screen and assign a color


- Single day view
- Month view
- All classes annotations (and its resources) are available/editable from single day view
- Select iCal calendars to be shown in the diary
- Add/Edit/Erase iCal events
- Text search
- Improved today/date picker

System improvements

- iCloud backup
- WebDAV backup
- Import XLS files
- Small in-app help with links to this web

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    iDoceo 6 is now available!

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    Create Multiple-choice tests with iDoceo Connect!

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