What's new in iDoceo 3.1

These are the main features of iDoceo 3.1 but there is a more recent version of iDoceo available already!
This update is only available to devices with iOS7


  • Up to 20 periods are now allowed in the planner
  • Rename periods
  • Hide periods from the planner
  • The same day now accepts multiple periods - notes and resources - with the same class
  • New timeline: all periods for a given class and its resources, annotations and events in a single view with unlimited scroll.

  • Diary and planner views now accept icons in each period
  • Bump lessons forward/backward/n-days or lock them in a specific date
  • Timetable and planner views show(and edit) iCal events
  • Improved diary report with URLs and several pages per day if required
  • Easily go to next/previous period in the planner
  • Calendar configuration always keeps last 10 undo steps
  • Copy single day plans or a selection of dates to other classes

Files and resources

  • Improved photo and video support for iOS7
  • Accept links to files stored in other apps in your iPad (i.e. GoodReader)
  • Added OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) support for backups and file browsing
  • Improved WebDAV backup with connection doctor and backup path configuration
  • Added WebDAV file browser from 3 different configurable sources. Browse and download files directly from BOX,ownCloud or other WebDAV compliant servers
  • New iDoceo server connection. Available soon for districts,school/colleges and universities to sync data with third-party platforms and other iDoceo users.
  • Bulletin board zooms in and out , can be sent by e-mail to your students as an image or exported
  • Quick backup option to store all data except resources


  • Student report can now be created as a single PDF with all students in it
  • Improved Planner PDF report , allows several weeks and page size configuration to accommodate more text per period
  • New option to export planner data as an XLS file
  • Improved grade book XLS export, include colors, personal data, annotations,student photos and tabs
  • Column report to students can now be sent as JPG instead of PDF (Settings > e-mail report > disable Send as PDF). This will avoid a bug in MS Outlook and MS Windows mail readers when including single page PDFs and complex signatures
  • e-mail reports may now include column annotations

Seating plan

  • Improved seating plan report: print all / current selection, with or without background image
  • Improved grid and snap to grid options
  • Option to link student row colors and icons with the gradebook view
  • New mode: Name only
  • Randomize students while keeping seating plan positions intact. This is specially useful as an alternative to grouping students by 2 or 3 (i.e. arrange groups of 5 students and randomize)
  • Flip perspective horizontally and/or vertically
  • In Badge mode selected fields will now include cell icons
  • Larger seating plan (enable new size from Main screen Settings > Seating plan)
  • Dice selection: Seating plan shows who's been picked before and won't select absent students. Dice can be hidden, tap on gear icon when in seating plan.

  • Add resources (photos, video, audio, and files) to students quickly with a single tap and hold.

System features

  • New search option (in main screen,schedule and planner views) looks now for students,annotations and diary data anywhere
  • Main screen reminders will now show upcoming events,Birthdays, Notes in class pinboards, reminder creation,completion and due date
  • Support for XLSX files
  • Additional import Wizard to import classes from any XLS/XLSX or CSV file in any format

Gradebook features

  • New calculation: Rank (highest/lowest)include percentile
  • New calculation: Compare
    - Compare each cell by column's average,median or target value
    - Compare two columns (i.e. target goal and result)

  • Copy annotations (text and/or resources) to other students in the same column
  • 'Calculation - addition' has new 'Value per cell' option
  • Icon counter accepts now up to 6 icons
  • A few more icons
  • Improved 'Copy columns to class' option. Allows to copy to several classes at once, choosing tabs and automatically selecting scheduled classes for today
  • New editor: Quick text
    Used in conjunction with text based grades, shows all the available texts in each row (similar to custom editors but with text instead)
    Enable it from main Screen > Settings > Editors

  • Add resources (photos, video, audio, and files) to cells quickly with a single tap and hold.

  • Toolbar will show the number of notes in the bulletin board
  • New calculator (Gradebook > Tools icon on top bar > Calculator) , drag and drop your results directly into the grade book

  • New calculation below each column: sum, mode, median, highest value, lowest value,standard deviation, empty cells

Minor usability improvements

  • Header and subheader text sizes can now be changed
  • Schedule names in compact mode can now be changed
  • Diary ribbons are always present
  • Choose the first screen to show upon iDoceo startup: classes, schedule, week or day planner
  • Date format configuration moved inside iDoceo's settings
  • Student resources: improved selection/deletion and mail features
  • Single ruler menu in full-size mode Settings > Main screen will let you hide specific buttons
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