Preparing for a new academic year

This article is only intended for current users who worked with iDoceo in previous years and need to archive data.
In this article you will find some tips to help you prepare next year and make the most of data inserted previously, replicating gradebook configurations, classes and lesson plans

Archiving last year's classes

From iDoceo's main screen, tap&hold on a class and Hide.
You'll be able to review those classes at any time with a tap the three dots menu (right top corner) 'Show hidden classes'.

When showing all classes, the hidden ones will appear slightly faded out and you'll see the 'Year' of each class as a subtitle . Tap&hold on a class and Edit, to add the Year if you have not added it yet.

Adding a new timetable in full-size mode

From the calendar view (three dots menu, top bar), tap on Select calendar and Add a new one.

Once you create the new calendar you will be able to configure the new weeks/cycles for your new term (details explained here)

Copying a full lesson plan to another class (full-size mode)

Since periods and dates of your new class will be different, you need to configure the calendar for next year first.
Once configured, open the source class and go to the Diary > Tools (top bar).

Select the the period to copy from, the target class and the first date you would like to copy the lesson plan to. By default it will copy all resources as well.

Adding a new timetable in compact mode

Since compact mode does not work with a calendar, the old timetable must be erased first in order to create a new one.
You'll find here a detailed explanation on both compact (diary only) and full-size mode (diary+planner+calendar)

Creating new classes based on previous ones

From the main screen's list you will be able to duplicate a particular class' structure with a configurable combination of students,tabs and data. You will find more details explained here

Importing students from XLS, XLSX or CSV Files, the import Wizard

The import wizard embedded in iDoceo will make importing data a breeze.
There is no need to edit those student files or headers anymore just 'Open in' iDoceo from the app holding the file (Dropbox,Mail,Google Drive) and select 'Import wizard'. You will find a quick step-by-step here

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