iDoceo and Google Classroom

In order to start working with Google Classroom (GC) you must either import or link a class

Importing a class from Google Classroom

Main screen > Add > Import from Google Classroom
iDoceo will download students,photos, e-mails and will link this class with Google Classroom. You will then have GC options available on this particular class.

Link a preexisting class with Google Classroom

Gradebook > Three dots button on students roster header > Link to Google Classroom
This is what you should do if your students are aleady in iDoceo. iDoceo tries to match your GC students with those in iDoceo by their e-mail, name or lastname.
Once linked, GC options will be available on this gradebook
A small Google Classroom icon will appear next to students that could be linked so that you can track any issues with those students with the icon missing

If new users have been added in Google Classroom and are not present in iDoceo they will be added automatically, upon confirmation
In short, these are the available options:
  • Reading columns with grades (assignments in GC)
  • Sending columns with grades - with or without attachments and rubrics- (create and publish assignments in GC)

Reading columns - Downloading assignments and grades

Tap on add column > Google Classroom > Select the assignment
A new column will be added to your gradebook and grades will be downloaded.

To download again these grades:Long tap on header > Options > GC > Read
Reading takes into account the grade type of your gradebook column. You can download the numeric values on Google Drive and turn it into any other grade type.
Assignments in GC can either be read-only (black and white Google Classroom icon) or read/write (green icon) if the assignment has been created from iDoceo

Sending columns - Creating assignments

Export > GC > Column or
Long tap on header > Options > GC > Send

If the column you are sending is read-only, iDoceo will bring the 'Create new assignment' confirmation on screen automatically.
You can work in iDoceo with any grade type: numeric,text or icons. iDoceo will automatically do the required conversions when transferring data - in both directions- with Google Classroom.

Resources and rubrics

If the column you are transferring into GC has rubrics are attachments you will be able to send them as well.
Due to some current limitations on Google's side, if you transfer the same column twice with attachments those attachments will be sent twice as well.
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