Export attendance data in PDF, CSV or XLS

Export attendance in PDF report

- From the grade book view, tap on export , then Report (Expert)
- Tap on All or manually select the columns you would like to include in the report
- Tap on the bottom bar to enable icons (star button) and disable text ('T' button)

Here is a short video:

Export attendance in XLS/CSV report

For the attendance icons to be exported in these formats they must have a description. This description is what iDoceo will export instead of the icon itself.

- To assign a description to an icon : From the main screen > Settings (gear icon, top bar) > Icons

In the image below, we have assigned the texts Present,Absent and Late to the attendance icons

You can also assign Emoji icons instead. Our descriptions would look like this

To create the report:
- From the grade book view > tap on Export > XLS or CSV
- Make sure the option 'Add icons description in cell' is enabled

The XLS report with text descriptions would look like this

And the same report with Emoji descriptions