The report generator (expert mode)

The report generator will allow you to:

  • Filter which students will appear in the report
  • Select which columns will appear in the report
  • Change the order of the columns (keeping the original gradebook order intact)
  • Keep the last report configuration for each page. You can easily repeat or modify your last configuration.
  • Decide minor changes in format, such as line colors, column width and a report title

With this report you will be able to add icons, annotations , text and decide the size of each element
For instructions on the standard report generator click here.
If a column is enabled, you will be able to:
  • Enable/disable text and set its size
  • Enable/disable icons and decide how many to show
  • Enable/disable annotations and set its size
A single tap over any of these icons will increase its size
Each element, annotations, icons and text has 4 available sizes : hidden, size 1, size 2 and size 3
The size of the icon represents the size it will have on the report
With this configuration you can generate an annotations only report, or only icons or a combination of them all